• Phil Fougere

Work Proceeding on Center Street Dugouts - Almost Ready for 2021!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Our Center Street field has undergone a facelift! The Town of Medway recently completed work on helping to make the 3rd base line and 3rd base dryer with drainage work this past summer. Meanwhile, volunteers including Glenn Ratcliffe, Preston Gales (and some of Preston's daughters) and Phil Fougere worked to make the dugouts more stable while adding dugout boxes for equipment storage. Next, MYS is getting metal trim so we can keep the plywood under our metal roofing dry during the upcoming winter and during what we hope is a dry spring. Next will come the installation of benches in both the home and visitor dugout with the help of Medway DPS, hopefully in time for the start of the Spring 2021season. We're looking forward to seeing all our girls playing and practicing on both our Center Street and Kelly Street Field real soon.

Are you handy? Want to help with field maintenance, construction of shed additions for storage of equipment and more in the upcoming season? If so, let us know by sending an email to any one of our Board members listed on our Contact Us page.

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